Welcome to the Faculty of Process Engineering
of Salah Boubnider – Constantine 3

Welcome to the Faculty of Process Engineering at Constantine 3 University. You will discover on this site the different training courses offered by the faculty and the exciting professions for which they prepare. You will find that Process Engineering leads to (almost) everything! This specialty is constantly evolving and finds ever new applications which guarantee graduates a promising future.
We have always witnessed the explosion of many high-tech fields based on Process Engineering, ranging from the transformation of matter, to the protection of the environment, to water treatment, to the development of renewable energies, etc. These are all industrial sectors that have always revolutionized our lives and which concretely illustrate the dynamism of process engineering.
The Faculty has four departments and the majority of educational activities take place in a section or group of one hundred or thirty students, respectively. Numerous practical activities, projects and mini-projects, internships on industrial sites, end of studies projects, accompany the courses and tutorials.
Dynamic teaching teams, passionate and concerned about your success, composed of teacher-researchers, welcome you and will accompany you throughout your studies at the Faculty of Process Engineering.
For more details on our training, come and meet us during the open day, and do not hesitate to get in touch with the training manager who interests you.

Our faculty includes this year around 1200 students and 57 researchers among them
• 29 registrants are working to obtain the doctoral diploma in science, faculty teachers
• 22 registrants work to obtain the LMD doctorate diploma
• 06 registrants work to obtain the diploma of the magister.