Process Engineering Dept

Training in Process Engineering

The Department of Basic Education in Technology provides training for L1 students in the “Science and Technology” area.
The first year is common to all sectors. In S3 (semester 3), the student chooses different fields in which he will follow his training to obtain a license, for example: Electrical engineering Civil engineering and process engineering… Students are then assigned to a Masters, according to their choices, in specialty departments (pharmaceutical engineering, chemical engineering, environmental engineering) with the possibility of doctoral training after M2.
Process Engineering
The objective of the Process Engineering department is to train students capable of designing, operating, improving, or managing eco-industries (water, air, waste treatment) or processes for industrial sectors varied (specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, specialized materials) taking into account environmental and energy criteria (eco-processes).
These industries consume raw materials, energy and generate waste. They transform solid, liquid or gaseous raw materials and the same operations (transport and heating of fluids, mixing, chemical reaction, distillation, filtering, drying, etc.) are present.
Process Engineering, pillar discipline of this training, brings together the basic concepts necessary to design, operate and optimize the chemical or biological transformation processes of matter and energy, also of several disciplines and therefore the training offered is both specialty and generalist whose tools and methods apply to a wide range of industries including:
 Chemical and para-chemical industries
 Pharmaceutical industries
 Oil refining and petrochemicals
 Process engineering and development
 Environment: Air and waste water treatment
 Agrifood and bio-industries
 Quality and safety in the processes
 Industrial process management
 Various industries: Textile metallurgy, paper glass, rubber