Master Chemical Engineering

Master in Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering refers to the application of chemistry to industry. Its purpose is to determine the progress and the operating conditions which must ensure the management of industrial chemical reactions throughout their course. The methods used in a laboratory are not often suitable for industrial production, especially from an economic point of view. This is why the student is called upon to use his know-how to better adapt to this dimension. This master also aims to give students with a license other than that of chemical engineering, the necessary foundations and knowledge required to solve problems specific to the chemical engineering industry.
The training in chemical engineering introduces students to research and higher education activities in the field of chemical engineering.
It is planned to allow the student to be fairly autonomous at the end of his training during the two years of Master, through an increasing evolution of teaching by self-learning, by:
• The integration of engineering sciences into the approach to industrial production in order to achieve the required performance through permanent control of various parameters such as temperature, pressure, concentration, flow, etc .;
• The acquisition of the bases required to tackle problems such as production in an industrial environment and mastery of safety and respect for the environment;
• The acquisition of all the specific skills necessary in the areas of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), validation and legislation in industrial chemical engineering
• Many techniques, methodologies and concepts developed through these lessons will also extend to other fields such as biotechnology.