Open Doors for the University Year 2020-2021 Faculty of Process Engineering

Dear students, the Faculty of Process Engineering – University of Constantine 3 Salah Boubnider – presents its warm congratulations to you for obtaining your 2020 baccalaureate degree, and it opens its doors to you, and all its administrative staff and professors welcoming you, headed by the Dean of the Faculty. Dear students, the Faculty of Process Engineering – University of Constantine 3 Salah Boubnider – gives you the opportunity to train in the various specializations in it, which you can view through the video and Flyers found below … WELCOME TO YOU!

Open Doors Video

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Mila student visit

An educational visit of the third year secondary students of Mila Was carried out, Sunday, 08/05/2022, at the Level of the Hall of the Pilots of the Practical works of our Faculty Of Process Engineering – Salah Boubnider Constantine 3 University, During Which The Students Followed Some Demonstrations Concerning Our Different Specialties (Process Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Environmental Engineering And Chemical Engineering).

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Afforestation campaign

Le 02 avril 2022  

Under the benevolence of the Dean of the Faculty of Process Engineering, the Department of Environmental Engineering in collaboration with the General Directorate of Forests organized an afforestation campaign on the first day of Ramadan on 02/04/2022, a group of students , teachers and officials of the Faculty and the university participated pleasantly in this campaign, This initiative aims on the one hand to increase the green spaces at the University Constantine 03, to preserve the environment, to participate in the ecological balance and raise student awareness. And on the other hand, afforestation has made it possible to plant trees and plants used in the various scientific researches established in the Faculty of Process Engineering.

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Meeting held on 03/23/2022 with new doctoral students in order to choose the theme of the doctoral thesis

Today on 03/23/2022, the Dean of the Faculty of Process Engineering Prof. Dr. “Mohamed Habib BELMAHI” held a meeting with the new doctoral students who passed the examination for the 2021-2022 doctoral competition with the aim of choosing the theme of the thesis for each student, in the presence of each of the two vice- dean of the Faculty of Process Engineering, the director of scientific research, as well as the supervising teachers responsible for the themes of doctoral theses.

The meeting took place in good conditions, the successful candidates were initially congratulated by the heads of the faculty as well as by the supervising teachers, they then followed a brief presentation of the thesis subjects proposed by each teacher. And then the opportunity was offered to new doctoral students to ask their questions around the proposed themes, to which the teachers supervising their role answered and clarified things.

At the end of the meeting, each student has chosen the theme of his own thesis, as well as his teacher who will accompany him during his LMD doctoral training (3rd cycle).

Please find below the final results after everyone agrees: