Master Environmental Engineering

Master in Environmental Engineering

The Environmental Engineering training aims to train students in the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater, the treatment of air pollution as well as the management and treatment of solid waste. They will be able to size and manage corresponding pollution control facilities, in addition to understanding the interactions of pollutants in the aquatic and atmospheric environment, their fate and their impacts on the environment (water, air and soil). Likewise, they will be sufficiently equipped to undertake studies to quantify the pollution of domestic and industrial discharges.

• This master also aims to give students holding a license other than that of environmental engineering, the necessary foundations and knowledge required to start a professional life in environmental engineering.

• The environmental engineering training initiates students to research and higher education activities in the field of environmental engineering.

• It is planned to allow the student to be fairly autonomous at the end of his training during the two years of the Master, through an increasing evolution of self-study teaching.