Dear students,
We are currently making great efforts to maintain educational activities at our university and to meet all of your learning and training needs as well as to minimize any issues that may arise during these extraordinary circumstances caused by the Coronavirus (COVID) pandemic. -19). , negatively affecting our country and the whole world. We look forward to your support, understanding and cooperation during this difficult time.

During this situation, it was decided to provide distance training to replace face-to-face training; this for theoretical courses, tutorials and workshops, at the first and second cycle levels.

In this context, institutional Gmail e-mail accounts have been created for you, in the following format: matricule@univ-constantine3.dz

The username: registration number on the student badge

Temporary password: Constantine3?

In the meantime, we ask that you follow all hygiene and cleanliness rules to protect yourself and prevent the spread of the virus. Also make sure to stay home unless you have to go out of necessity.


Rectorate of the University of Constantine3 Salah Boubnider.

Below is training on Google Classroom and Google Meet.

By gp2020

2 thoughts on “E-learning”
  1. Bonsoir, merci de votre passage.
    En fait, cette formation à distance ne remplace plus la formation présentielle, mais elle sert juste à réduire les problèmes rencontrés dans les circonstances actuelles.
    Les liens de e-learning, Google Classroom et Google Meet sont toujours disponibles:
    Ainsi que le lien de l’espace d’étudiants sur le site de l’université:
    Et enfin le lien de la page facebook de l’université:
    Nous passons une période très difficile, espérant tous la franchir très vite, en attendant, on n’a que la patience et la solidarité. Merci encore une fois de votre commentaire. Bon courage.

  2. Bonjour
    Le E-learning chez vous est quasiment inexistant, est que vous comptez améliorer ça avec des classrooms et Google meet
    Ou vous allez juste nous envoyer les cours sur le blog et les tds sans mm pas la correction

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