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The University of Constantine 3 Salah Boubnider contributes to national efforts to fight the Corona Virus Covid-19

As part of the opening of the university to its external environment and its contribution to national efforts to fight the Corona Covid-19 virus, and in a good initiative, the Faculty of Process Engineering is committed to manufacturing an alcoholic disinfectant in the form of a hydroalcoholic gel for the benefit of hospitals in Constantine, where a team composed of the dean of the faculty and two laboratory technicians in the same faculty, in addition to a teacher-researcher from the pharmacy department from Faculty of Medicine in cooperation to produce this gel according to the standards of the World Health Organization, and the first batch of the product was delivered to the Didouche Mourad hospital establishment, while a second batch was delivered to the central pharmacy central of the Ibn Badis university hospital.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to this work. May God protect the Algerian people from all evil and disease.